I love adventure. Not necessarily "scare-your-pants-off" adventure but the kind where you seek out new and exciting things. New foods, new places, new experiences. Come seek adventures with us as we head out to the lake, hike a trail, camp, take a road trip, visit a new restaurant or try a new recipe. I will share recipes, books I love, fun tidbits I find, outdoor and travel adventure ideas and of course...paddle boarding goodies!
Adventure is out there! Let's seek it together.
Parasailing in Panama City Beach
Panama City Beach 2012
Visiting Virginia
Baker Seeds and Pioneer Village
Finding Laura and Churning Butter
Laura Ingalls Wilder House at Rocky Ridge Farm
candied pecans for snacks and salads
Easy Candied Pecans
Strawberry Skillet Crisp - cast iron skillet dessert
Strawberry Skillet Crisp
Cool Healthy and Refreshing Infused Water Herbs Veggies and Fruits
Cool, Healthy, and Refreshing Infused Water
4 Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas
Creamy Chicken Mushroom and Rice Soup
No Post found
Handcrafted Cookie Sack
#ARWB Ornament Exchange 2015
Christmas Crafting – Hosting a DIY Ornament Party
2015 Art Show
6 Secrets to a Successful Art Show


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Let's Seek Adventures Together

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Happy Paddling!