Arkansas Adventures

Arkansas is our home state and one of our favorite places to seek adventures.

Birds are an incredibly important contributor to our ecosystem and Audubon Arkansas exists to study and protect birds while educating the public about conservation and techniques for observing them in the wild. 
Bird Education with Audubon Arkansas
If you are looking for a way to connect with nature, consider birding. Bird watching is a popular pastime made
Cold weather hiking is a lot of fun and First Day Hikes are a great way to start the new year! Get 6 tips for cold weather hiking from
First Day Hikes – 6 Tips for Cold Weather Hiking
Someone once told me that whatever you do on New Year’s Day is an indicator of how you will spend
Adventures at a Pumpkin Patch: Peebles Farm – Augusta, AR
Regularly rated one of the top pumpkin patches in both Arkansas and the South, Peebles Farm has been a fall
Hiking to Collins Creek Falls Trail | Heber Springs, Arkansas
We’ve been looking forward to the weather warming up so we could get out and do some hiking with our
searcy bike trail its hot and you need a slushie
Searcy Bike Trail – It’s Hot and You Need a Slushie!
Spring came super early to Arkansas this year and it seems that summer has arrived late. We just hit our
Arkansas Jelly Pie – Arkansas’s Favorite Pie
Is Jelly Pie your favorite pie? I recently came across a website that stated: “Another food that is widely popular