15 Fascinating Children’s Books About Birds

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Whether you are young or old, learning about birds can be a lot of fun. You can observe birds right in your back yard and then supplement your observation with these 15 fascinating children’s books about birds.

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Birding is inexpensive and easy to do. You don’t need any fancy equipment and you can easily supplement your yard with appropriate food, water and shelter to attract birds to where you are. If you are new to birding or just need a refresher you can check out our post Birdwatching for Beginners for more information.

george watching the swans - birdwatching with kids

My fascination with birds probably stems back to the finches and parakeets that we had when I was a child. Now I get excited any time I spot wild birds, especially when I see rare birds like trumpeter swans and bald eagles.

I love sharing about birds with George. When we can’t get out to observe birds in the wild we love to read books about birds and these are some of our favorite.

15 Fascinating Children’s Books About Birds

Lewis Cardinals first winter

Lewis Cardinal’s First Winter – Amy Crane Johnson

Lewis is a little afraid when he spots all the animals getting ready. He is afraid that he is unprepared and will be alone. Solomon Raven helps Lewis to navigate through his first winter.

What Cheer

What Cheer, What Cheer, Says the Cardinal! – Martha Scott

What’s that song in the air? ‘What Cheer, What Cheer,’ Says the Cardinal! is a fun, rhyming children’s book about ten common songbirds of the eastern and central United States.

A Cardinal in the Snow

A Cardinal in the Snow – Jimmy Bunker Smith

When a little girl discovers a Cardinal in her backyard, she develops a special relationship and understanding of its world.

Birds in Winter

Birds in Winter (Bullfrog Books: What Happens in Winter?) – Jenny Fretland VanVoorst

In Birds in Winter, beginning readers will learn how birds migrate or adapt to survive the winter months. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text engage early readers as they discover how birds handle the chilly weather conditions.

Bird Count

Bird Count – Susan Edwards Richmond

A young girl eagerly identifies and counts the birds she observes around her town during the New England Christmas Bird Count.

Big Book of Birds

The Big Book of Birds (The Big Book Series) – Yuval Zommer

The next Big Book in the series introduces young children to some of the most colorful, magnificent, silly, and surprising feathered creatures from around the world.

Birds, Nests, and eggs

Birds, Nests & Eggs (Take Along Guides) – Mel Boring

A fun, informative take-along guide that will help children identify 15 birds. Kids will also learn how and where birds build their homes and all about their young. Plus the guide features activities that are fun and easy to do.

Owl Moon

Owl Moon –  Jane Yolen

Late one winter night a little girl and her father go owling. The trees stand still as statues and the world is silent as a dream. Whoo-whoo-whoo, the father calls to the mysterious nighttime bird.

The boy who drew birds

The Boy Who Drew Birds: A Story of John James Audubon  – Jacqueline Davies

John James Audubon was a boy who loved the out-of-doors more than the in. He was a boy who believed in studying birds in nature, not just from books. And, in the fall of 1804, he was a boy determined to learn if the small birds nesting near his Pennsylvania home really would return the following spring.

Feathers: Not Just for Flying

Feathers: Not Just for Flying – Melissa Stewart

Young naturalists explore sixteen birds in this elegant introduction to the many, remarkable uses of feathers.

A Nest is Noisy

A Nest Is Noisy –  Dianna Hutts Aston

From the award-winning creators of An Egg Is QuietA Seed Is SleepyA Butterfly Is PatientA Rock Is Lively, and A Beetle Is Shy comes this gorgeous and informative look at the fascinating world of nests, from those of tiny bee hummingbirds to those of orangutans high in the rainforest canopy.

How do Birds Find Their Way

How Do Birds Find Their Way? – Roma Gans

Birds don’t need maps!

Many birds make long journeys twice each year as they migrate between their winter and summer homes. Arctic terns fly more than 10,000 miles from the South Pole to northern Maine. Tiny little hummingbirds fly nonstop over the ocean for 500 miles. How do they know which way to fly? Why don’t they get lost? Read and find out the many ideas scientists have come up with to explain this mystery.

an Egg is Quiet

An Egg Is Quiet – Dianna Hutts Aston

This stunningly beautiful and wonderfully informative book from award-winning artist Sylvia Long and author Dianna Hutts Aston makes for a fascinating introduction to the vast and amazing world of eggs.


Robins!: How They Grow Up – Eileen Christelow

Robins are the most familiar and beloved of all birds, found throughout North America and celebrated as one of the first signs of spring. But there’s a lot about them that most people don’t know!

Counting Birds

Counting Birds: The Idea That Helped Save Our Feathered Friends (Young Naturalist) – Heidi E.Y. Stemple

Every day kids learn how they can help protect bird species, near and far, with the award-winning book Counting Birds—the real-life story behind the first annual bird count.

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Whether you are young or old, learning about birds can be a lot of fun. You can observe birds right in your back yard and then supplement your observation with these 15 children's books about birds.

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