6 Reasons McDonald’s Coke Tastes Better Than Competitors

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I dont drink soda often but when I do, a fountain soda is my top choice followed by a glass bottle, a can, and lastly a plastic bottle. When it comes to Classic Coca-Cola, I have always found that it tastes best at McDonalds.

Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Central Arkansas McDonald’s.  All opinions are my own.

McDonald's Coke Coca-cola

The History of McDonald’s Relationship with Coca-cola

Roy Kroc, a former peddler of multi-mixer machines,  was the predominate establisher of McDonalds Corporation after he visited Dick and Mac McDonalds restaurant in San Bernadino to deliver a machine to their store. He loved their concept and offered to help them with franchising. Kroc opened his first store in Des Plains, Illinois and it is here, in 1955, that McDonalds began its important relationship with Coca-Cola.

Kroc believed that McDonalds was going to take the country by storm and contacted Coca-Colas fountain division about getting a soda fountain set up in his restaurant. After a brief meeting and a handshake, a relationship was formed that now makes McDonalds Coca-Colas largest restaurant customer.

Coca-Cola and McDonalds have worked hard to make sure that customers to the restaurants get a consistent, high-quality product.  If you have ever wondered why Coke seems to taste so good at McDonalds it is because it is actually a better product than what you get in other stores.

Here are 6 reasons that McDonalds Coke really is better than the competitors:

  1. Ratios – McDonalds and Coca-Cola ensure that the accurate amount of water to syrup mixture is used at all times for that gold standard drink. This proper ratio even takes into account ice melting, so you get a great taste down to the last sip. (Note: If you order your drink without ice or with less ice, you will probably notice a slightly sweeter taste. 
  2. Temperature – McDonalds fountain beverage system is calibrated at a constant cold temperature to ensure the finished drink is always served at the right temperature with the right level of carbonation. 
  3. Taste – Fountain sodas are actually 85% water.  Every McDonalds has a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis double filtration system in place to ensure you get the best quality water in your Coke. McDonalds invests a lot of money in making sure that these filtration systems are always running at peak performance levels.  
  4. Carbonation – Sodas are made by dissolving carbon dioxide in a liquid. Decreasing the temperature increases the solubility of the gas and therefore an increase in temperature can lower the carbonation. Most restaurants mix room-temperature syrup into water.  McDonalds pre-chills both the water and the syrup before they enter the fountain dispenser, resulting in gold standard drinks that have that sharp bite and sparkle of good carbonation.  
  5. Age of Syrup/Concentrate – McDonalds sells a lot of beverages. Due to the high volume and inventory management system, they are guaranteed to serve a fresh product.  Most restaurants pump soda syrup from a plastic bag into their fountain machines. McDonalds syrup is stored in temperature controlled stainless steel containers and delivered frequently by tanker trucks to each store.  stainless-steel-coke-containers-at-mcdonalds
  6. Straw – McDonalds straw is nice and wide which makes sure that the really cold, refreshing Coke taste gets to all those taste buds.

There you have it! McDonalds Coke really is better.  And what goes better with a cold, refreshing Coke than a hot cheesy burger and some salty fries from McDonalds.

Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal (QPC): Sandwich, Fries and Coca-Cola in bell glass, dark, wood table surface, dark, indoor background

You can find out more about Coca-cola and McDonald’s by visiting McDonald’s beverage page. 

Note: The information in the article was provided to me at an event I attended that was sponsored by both McDonald’s and CocaCola. I am a brand ambassador for Central Arkansas McDonald’s.  All opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “6 Reasons McDonald’s Coke Tastes Better Than Competitors

  1. It’s so true. Any time I’m craving a Coke I think to get one from McDonalds. I hate when you go to another restaurant and it tastes like chlorinated wated. Now I’m craving one. Think I’ll be swinging by the drivethrough today.

  2. Awsome info I had no idea that “Every McDonald’s has a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis double filtration system in place to ensure you get the best quality water in your Coke”. It’s amazing that everything down to the extra wide straw is in place for a reason. I never noticed if mcdonalds coke is actually better than other places that sell coke fountain soda but I can honestly say that an ice cold mcdonalds coke has always been delicious. I can’t wait to start testing this claim out on my own.

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