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Well the crew from HGTV’s That’s Clever came out today and filmed me for thier show!  It was really cool.  They got here just after 8 am and set up my “studio”.  My studio is actually our guest bedroom.  We took the bed out so they could film.  It will have to go back in but it sure was fun to have a “studio” for the week.  One of the girls, Kate, came in and set up all of my stuff.  She gathered some of my artwork from around the house, some of my jewelry and other fabric crafts as well as my supplies and arranged them so it looked really cool.  Lowel, the lighting and sound guy, set up big lights in the room and wired me with a mic.  “Jag”(Christine) was in charge of all of the closeup shots and Richard was the main camera guy.  After they got everything set up we went outside to shoot the intro.  First they filmed me introducing myself.  My intro line was “I like really big animals”.  Next they filmed me with my dog Thunder.  He is an English Mastiff and weighs about 175 pounds.  I said “This is my dog Thunder.  Here is a treat.” and I gave him a treat.  We tried to play frisbee but he wasn’t interested.  Next we went over to the horses and I said “These are  my horses Traveler, Baby and Buckshot and here is a treat for each of them”.  Next I said “And this is my husband Richie. Here is a treat for you.” and I stuck a cookie in his mouth!  It was funny!  I then introduced the project and we went back inside to show me making it.  Since I did two projects we spent several hours going through all of the steps and filming it.   The most important thing was to make sure I looked into the camera but that was surprisingly easy to do.  They gave me ideas of things to say but most of my “lines” were kind of up to me.  I had to resay things a few times when I got tongue tied but overall it went really well.  They even had a big monitor set up and  I was able to watch a few of the parts.  The whole experience was really really cool.  Now I just have to wait for them to edit and give me an air date for the episode.  We filmed for about 5 hours total. It will be really interesting to see how they edit it all down to a few minutes.  Anyway that was my experiance.  Here are some pictures of how they dolled up my studio.

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