Baked French Toast Casserole with Maple Syrup {In the Kitchen}

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I made this French Toast Recipe today. It was REALLY good but I did think it needed just a few changes.

FYI – I followed the recipe EXACTLY except I used Pecan Chips instead of the
chopped because that’s what we had in the house.

1.The recipe calls for 13 – 16 oz of french bread sliced and says to use about
20 slices.  I used 20 sliced of a precut 16oz loaf of bread and I don’t think
it was enough. It was a little wet on the very bottom. I would use the whole
loaf and just mush it in to the pan next time.

2.IT says to pour some batter between the layers and I also don’t think this is
necessary. I did and I think this lent to some of the wetness. I would just
put all the bread in and pour the batter over the top. It has all night to soak
into the layers.

3.2 sticks of butter for the topping is WAY too much! It was all floating
around! I would cut it down to one stick and I would also reduce the brown
sugar to 3/4 a cup.  I really like the pecan chips as opposed to the chopped

4. The recipe didn’t specify what to do with the butter. I opted just to let it
warm to room temp and mix in the sugar spices and nuts. I think this was a good
idea.  I just used a spoon and my hands to smooth the mix over the top.

5.  The whole pan is A LOT of food. The recipe could easily be divided in half
and cooked in a smaller pan more suitable for 2 people.

6. I did not put syrup on mine. The topping was very sweet.

It was good. If you try it out with my changes let me know how it goes!

I served ours with a few slices of smoked bacon and some purple seedless grapes.

Oh yeah, the picture above came from the Food Network Website, it is not my own. My camera battery was dead so I couldn’t take a picture. It is charging right now so I will try to add a picture later.

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One thought on “Baked French Toast Casserole with Maple Syrup {In the Kitchen}

  1. This looks and sounds sooooo good..I have gone a printed out the recipe along with the changes that you made. I’ll let you know how it turns out :o) Thanks for posting something sooo yummy!


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