Adventure Seekers Budget-friendly Gifts for Hikers and Backpackers

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The 2018 Holiday Season has arrived and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your friends and family. Buying gifts for hikers and backpackers can be tricky if you aren’t into backpacking yourself. We’ve narrowed it down for you! This budget gift guide for hikers contains eleven must-have items for the hikers and backpackers in your life.  Looking to spend a little more? Check out our Splurge-worthy Gifts for Hikers and Backpackers.

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11 Budget Backpacking Gifts for Hikers

Looking for a Budget backpacking gift guide? Here is a list of great budget backpacking gear selected by people who actually hike and backpack. Surprise your favorite backpacker with a budget-friendly gift from this list!

Pack – Under $50

This Seenlast hiking pack weighs less than 3 pounds, has 8 adjustable straps and includes a waterproof rain cover. This pack would be perfect for short hikes or backpackers that prefer to travel light. At under $50, this item is a steal!

Trekking Poles – Under $50

Trekking poles can assist hikers as they navigate a variety of terrain. These poles are designed to be light as a feather yet durable and with a comfortable grip. This set contains two adjustable poles that weigh less than a pound and costs less than $50.


Pedometer – Under $25

Tracking distance traveled is important to backpackers and can help them to locate water sources and shelters. Many hikers have daily mileage goals and a pedometer can help keep them on track. This pedometer uses tri-sensor technology to track steps and distance and holds 30 days worth of information at a time. At under $25 this budget pedometer will keep you on track on a dime!

Headlamp – Under $15

Backpackers often like to start early and hike late. A headlamp lets them see without having to hold a flashlight. The VITCHELO V800 Headlamp has both red and while lights and provides 168 lumens of light. The batteries can supply up to 120 hours of light and are included. The unit costs under $15. 

Tick Key – Under $6

Bugs and ticks are an inevitable part of hiking. Ticks carry a variety of diseases if not removed quickly. Tick prevention is key but when that little bugger bypasses all of your safeguards fast and complete removal is your next option. This lightweight tool is the perfect stocking stuffer or budget gift.

Med Kit – Under $12

Expect the best, plan for the worst. No backpacker wants to suffer an injury on the trail but a small med kit can make a difference if the worst happens. Often help is at least a few hours away so bandages and other items can provide relief until help is reached.


Stove – Under $15

There is nothing better than a hot meal at the end of a long day of hiking. If the weather is cold and rainy, a hot meal can boost morale and create warmth. The Etekcity stove is portable and lightweight and adheres to “Leave No Trace” principles.


Water Purifier – Under $10

Nothing can ruin a backpacking trip faster than stomach issues related to drinking water. Backpackers rely on trailside water sources but unfortunately, not all water sources are safe. Water purification tablets are one of the easiest ways to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water-borne disease.


Socks – Under $10

Nothing can ruin a hike faster than a bad pair of socks! These socks are made fromm 33% Merino Wool, 33% Acrylic, 33% Polyamide and 1% Elastane. They are designed to wick away sweat and moisture and encourage evaporation so your feet stay dry and comfortable.


Rain Gear – Under $40

Rain gear doesn’t have to be expensive if it does its job of keeping you dry. This Frogg Togg Ultra-lite2 Suit is 100% waterproof and breathable. Its lightweight fabric makes it easy to carry and easy to wear.



Tent – Under $25

The best part of backpacking may be sleeping in the woods. This Stansport A-frame tent sleeps two and weighs less than four pounds. Its three-season rated and includes a mesh screen to help keep out the bugs.



Looking for a Budget backpacking gift guide? Here is a list of great budget backpacking gear selected by people who actually hike and backpack. Surprise your favorite backpacker with a budget-friendly gift from this list!Don’t forget to check out our Splurge-Worthy Backpacking Gifts for Hikers.

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