Creamed Spinach

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There really is no food that warms my soul quite like a big, juicy, medium-rare steak.  Steak is the one food that I find myself craving over and over again.  Almost as much as I like steak, I like the traditional steakhouse sides like garlicky mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.  Traditional creamed spinach sounds like it should be good for you but contains enough butter and cream for an army with a calorie load to match.  

weight watchers creamed spinach steakhouse

When I came across the recipe for creamed spinach in this months Cookbook of the Month, WeightWatchers 50th Anniversary Cookbook, I was ecstatic. And, it’s good! I mean REALLY good. Pair it with a delicious steak (my husband and I shared the one pictured below) and a small baked potato and you will have a meal that rivals any 5-star steakhouse!

weight watchers creamed spinach steakhouse style

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