Crockpot Kalua Pork

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Kalua Pork (notice that it’s Kalua and not Kahlua!) is a traditional luau treat. Kalua is a Hawaiian term that literally means to cook underground and in a traditional luau a whole pig is wrapped in moist banana leaves and cooked underground in a hot pit or imu for 6-7 hours. Part of the ceremony in a luau is the unearthing of the pig.

hawaiian luau crockpot kalua pork

Kalua pork is typically very moist, slightly salty and slightly smokey. While it would be totally cool if we could all slow roast whole pigs in our backyards every time we wanted this tasty treat, that probably isn’t feasible. We can however create a very tasty, slow roasted version in a crockpot.

The flavor of this crockpot Kalua Pork is smokey, salty, moist and everything your would expect to find at a traditional luau without all of the work and non of the mess. Seriously, you’d need a backhoe or something to did a giant hole in your yard if you wanted to do this the traditional way!

Well let’s cheat! Were gonna throw FIVE ingredients into a crockpot, go about our merry business for 10 or so hours and come back to the most flavorful pork you will ever eat.

Crockpot Kalua Pork @eggsandherbs

 Note: This would not specifically be considered a {Budget Meal} because a large pork roast can be nearly $20.  However, when you consider the length that this single piece of meat will go, it would be a great choice if you were on a budget and found yourself with the ability to splurge a little.  We serve this as is with some potatoes and a vegetable on the first night. It makes it way back to our table all week in the form of tacos, BBQ sandwiches, a topping for hot dogs and we’ve even used it in enchiladas and to top nachos. 

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