Grilled-Cheese Burger

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We usually try to eat pretty light in the summer and last night Richie told me he wanted me to make a grilled cheese burger. I immediately pictured burgers on the grill with melty cheese on them; typical summertime fare. But I was wrong. Richie had something else in mind. He was imagining something that was more of a combination between a hamburger and a grilled cheese. So, I set out to make the Grilled-Cheese Burger.

I won’t lie; the Grilled-Cheese Burger was good. It didn’t taste like a burger and it didn’t taste like a grilled cheese. It took on a surprising flavor of its own that was rich, cheesy, and greasy. It was good, classic style comfort food but it was a little heavy for summer.

Here’s how I made it:

1. Cook a hamburger patty using your favorite method. (I cooked mine in a skillet.)
2. Set cooked hamburger patties aside.
3. Butter 2 pieces of bread.
4. Thinly slice a tomato.
5. Get two slices of your favorite cheese.
6. In a clean skillet layer one slice of buttered bread, butter side down; a slice of cheese, two slices of tomato, the burger, a second slice of cheese and the last slice of bread, buttered side up.
7. Cook over medium heat until the bread is golden and toasty and the cheese starts to melt.
8. Flip your sandwich.
9. Cook until the other side is golden and toasty.
10. Cut in half and enjoy.

I served ours with some tator tots and a cucumber salad. You could definitely add additional condiments to the burgers but we both felt that the cheese and tomato alone provided all that this burger needed.

You might want to conclude your meal with an Alka-seltzer apéritif!


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