How to Cut a Pineapple

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I fell in love with fresh pineapple during a trip to Hawaii many years ago. Since then, I have found it difficult to revert back to the canned stuff because the taste and texture of fresh pineapple is far superior. I know many people are not quite sure how to cut a pineapple so I’ve created this video if you need a little tutorial. It’s really quite simple! 

Hawaii’s constant climate means pineapple is always in season. Hawaiian’s love pineapple and serve it for every meal, dessert and even snack time. 

Before traveling to Hawaii, I had never prepped a fresh pineapple myself. Honestly, they look a little daunting. They take a little work, for sure, but the taste and flavor is so good it is worth the time and the sticky hands. Fresh pineapple is the perfect choice when making Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches, Tropical Hot Dogs or Tropical Salmon

Thanks for checking out this short video for tips on how to quickly cut your own fresh pineapple. It only takes a few minutes and your taste buds will thank you. 

If you are interested in ordering fresh pineapple direct from Hawaii, the Dole Plantation is an excellent choice.


How to cut a pineapple video

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