Lobster Rolls at Home

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I grew up spending most of my summers in Maine at camp, at the beach, and camping with my family. My husband and I even honeymooned in Maine.

I love the slow-paced lifestyle of Maine. 

I love the beauty of the varied landscape.

Mostly, I love the seafood.

I can recall visits to the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth. Enjoying lobster on picnic tables, overlooking the Atlantic, shielding myself from dive-bombing seagulls hoping for a scrap of food. 

I recall buying fresh lobsters right off the boat, direct from the fisherman, for dirt cheap prices.

Lobster is probably my most favorite seafood and Maine is the best place to get lobster. The thing I most miss living here in the south is the fresh lobster.

Recently, I was so excited to come across a package of lobster arms and legs at Sam’s Club. It was a huge two-pound bag and was so reasonably priced. I bought up several packages and put them in the freezer waiting for just the right time to break out some lobster.

Lobster Roll

A few weeks ago (it’s hard to believe it was only a few short weeks ago), in early March, we were in the midst of an snow storm here in Arkansas. Nothing makes me crave summer more than a good snowfall! This was the perfect time for lobster and what better way to serve it than in a Lobster Roll.

Lobster Rolls are classic summer fair in New England. In fact, Lobster Rolls are even a seasonal offering at McDonald’s restaurants across New England. Lobster rolls are simple but decadent and not so fancy that the lobster meat doesn’t get its chance to shine.

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