Nature Studies

We are both educators and we try to incorporate learning into everything we do with our son. We offer lots of ideas for incorporating nature studies into your every day lives both formally and informally.

Birdwatching is a fun and inexpensive hobby. Learn to spot and identify wild birds and keep track of your findings with my free printable Birdwatching Field Journal PDF.
I have been a lover of birds for as long as I can remember and birdwatching is a great way
How to recycle your christmas tree into a fish habitat
Artificial trees are convenient for many reasons but we love buying a real tree. It turns out that the environmental
Create some fun family memories with this Christmas Tree Farm Bingo Game that will delight the whole family while you select the perfect tree.
Foster a love of Christmas and some fun families with this fun Christmas Tree Farm Bingo Game! Some of my
easy fall tree painting kids craft
Kids love to paint and this Easy Fall Tree Painting For Kids is fun and only requires a few supplies
As a school teacher, it's not uncommon for students to question when they will use a specific skill in real
While many schools around here have gone to having the entire week off at Thanksgiving, my school still goes on
When the weather starts to cool, I love going to the pumpkin patch.  We always go to Peebles Farm in
After a long school year we are finally down to the last week of school.  All of my classes are