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After a long school year we are finally down to the last week of school.  All of my classes are wrapping up and the students are preparing to take finals over the next few days.

During the last 2 weeks of regular classes I brought back a project I had found online and completed with my Art 1 students last year – Natural Columns.

I love this project because it uses measuring, drawing skills, a transfer technique, emphasis and the students have to make color choices and demonstrate appropriate coloring techniques with either marker, colored pencil, or a combination of the two.

The project requires a fair amount of concentration but also seemed to create a meditative state amongst the students.  My students seemed more engrossed in this project than they had in many of the projects we had completed during the year.

The final results were phenomenal.  The project, although not overly difficult, has that WOW factor.  I am so pleased with their work!


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