Parasailing in Panama City Beach

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If you’ve been around here any length of time you likely know two important facts about me:
1. I love Panama City Beach and
2. I love Arkansas Women Bloggers (both the site and the amazing group of women).

Each month Arkansas Women Bloggers selects a blogger of the month who writes several posts for the site. Junes selection was Sarabeth Jones of The Dramatic. She wrote several posts on AWB about having adventure. Her second post was about saying YES to adventure. Something about each of her posts just deeply resonated with me. I have not always been one to say yes to adventure. I often let my fears get in the way of things. Sarabeth’s thoughts really prompted me to think differently about life and adventure. I left her posts feeling like I really should say yes and that I should make and find adventure.

More often than not though, we (humans) set out with good intentions and let old habits and fears get the best of us. That ALMOST happened to me but I’m so glad I remembered Sarabeth’s words and decided in the end to say YES to the adventure that took me parasailing 600 feet over Panama City Beach.

Richie and I have been to Panama City Beach four times now. Here are a few shots from our most recent trip:

Panama City Beach Pool Gulf of Mexico

Panama City Beach

Every year, Richie and I sit on the beach and watch the parasail boat travel back and forth taking rider after rider on an amazing journey 600 feet above the water. Every year, Richie and I say we want to do it. Every year, Richie and I chicken out. Until this year, that is!

I remembered Sarabeth’s words and I knew I had to do it. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by AGAIN. Yes, there are risks but the risks are small and rare. So we did it. We walked over, signed up and before I knew it we were suited up with life jackets and were being whisked away to a boat that contained the parasail.

In the end, the scariest part was the banana boat you had to ride to get to the parasail boat. The actual act of parasailing was not scary at all but relaxing and a little bit thrilling. It was a lot like zip-lining only in reverse and the harness was much more comfortable.

Do I regret saying yes? Absolutely not! But I know I would regret it if I hadn’t said yes!

Here is a picture I took of the parasail. We are not in it in this picture but this is the one we flew in.

parasailing panama city beach

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