Planning the Perfect Winter Picnic and 10 Great Recipes to Pack

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Spring and summer take all the credit when it comes to picnics and having fun. Many wouldn’t put the words winter and picnic together in a sentence as winter is viewed as that period where we try to survive the cold as we wait for a better season. There are a lot of great benefits to taking a winter picnic although they do require some special preparations. Read on for some tips for planning a winter picnic and some delicious recipes you may want to bring along.

Picnic in the winter

6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Picnic

  1. Choose the right location for your picnic. Hiking in the winter is a lot of fun but you likely have some extra gear and more added weight already. Adding food and other picnic supplies can add to that weight. Plan your picnic early in your hike or skip the hike altogether and head to a scenic spot that you can access by car.  And, if the ground is cold and snowy, we won’t tell anyone if you decide to find a picnic table instead of spreading a blanket on the ground.
  2. Carry delicious and filling foods. Hiking in the winter can burn more calories than summer hiking because your body is working harder to regulate your temperature.  You will want to pack some really yummy food, like those in the list below, to satisfy you.
  3. Dress warmly. This may be rather obvious when going for a winter picnic but sometimes we get caught up in the details and overlook the obvious. Dress in layers of clothing as this conserves heat while allowing you to shed an item of clothing when you get too warm.
  4. Bring a sled. A sled with a long rope is perfect for toting your picnic items through the snow. You can even tie the sled around your waist so you are hands-free! And what could be more fun that going sledding before you settle in for a wintery picnic?
  5. Plan for a campfire. A campfire is a great addition to a winter picnic. Come prepares with some matches and gather sticks as you hike. Your fire doesn’t need to be big to offer warmth and ambiance.
  6. Practice Leave No Trace. Leave your chosen picnic location in a better place than you found it. When you get ready the leave, pack out all of your trash and pick up any that may have been left behind by previous visitors. It’s helpful to pack a trash bag or two for this purpose. You can also sit on the trash bags to keep your behind dry!

A winter picnic without some really delicious eats wouldn’t be very fun at all.  You surely want to pack a big ol’ thermos full of hot cocoa along with an assortment of belly-warming foods. Check out these recipes below.

10 Recipes That Will Make Your Winter Picnic a Success

Dark Chocolate Maple Hot Cocoa

Dark Chocolate Maple Hot Cocoa

Recipe by Seek Adventures Blog

Easy Chocolate Peppermint Spoons (for your hot cocoa!)

Recipe by Desperately Seeking Gina

Apple Cinnamon Scones

Recipe by Maple + Mango

Caramelized Onion and Potato Tart

Recipe by Twists and Zests

Mushroom Hand Pies

Recipe by Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen

Cranberry Bars

Recipe by Fresh Coast Eats

Instant Pot Potato Soup

Recipe by Recipes from a Pantry

Instant Pot Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

Recipe by Seek Adventures Blog

Cornbread Sheet Pan Chicken Strips

Recipe by Any Reason Life

Golden Grahams S’mores Brownies

Recipe by Ann’s Entitles Life

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