The Heritage Buffet on Sundays at Harding University {Restaurant Review}

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I’m not pretentious or stuck up but the truth is – I can cook better food at home than most of the food I can get at restaurants within a 30 minute drive from my house.  As the sole cook in my house, is it really fair that I should have to sacrifice flavor, taste, and quality just to get a night off?

When we eat out for more than a quick sandwich we tend to search beyond Searcy.  Little Rock has some fantastic restaurants and Jonesboro is growing so much that it is becoming a new favorite but both are a 70 minute drive and not always feasible, especially on a Sunday after church.

While my hands down favorite Sunday brunch choice is the Red Apple Inn in Heber Springs, AR it is too pricy to fit into the budget more than a few times a year.  Several years ago Richie and I discovered a far less expensive brunch alternative – The Heritage Buffet on Sundays at Harding University.

The Heritage Buffet is a well kept secret to those not directly associated with Harding University.  With no advertising and not even a sign it is hard to believe they can pack the Founders Room on the second floor of the Harding Cafeteria every Sunday.  And at just $9.50 per person it is a great Sunday Brunch alternative.


What We Love

  • The price. $9.50 per person, Folks! You can barely buy a value meal for that price.
  • The selection. Cold salad bar, hot food bar, carving station with 2 meats, breakfast bar, make your own omelette and waffle stations, desserts, ice cream, coffee, tea, water and Sunday Punch!
  • The view.  There is a GORGEOUS view of Harding’s Campus.
  • The entertainment. Although they don’t do it every Sunday, there is often a live piano or acoustic guitar performance.
  • The Sunday Punch.  I don’t know what they put in it besides a TON of sugar but it is some good stuff!

What We Like

  • The quality of the food.  The only complaint I have is that many of the vegetables in the hot food bar are canned vegetables.  They do take an effort to flavor them by adding sauteed onions, bacon or other seasonings but they are still canned.

What We Dislike

  • The Stairs.  There are a lot of stairs to climb! (They do have an elevator if you so choose.)

The Heritage Buffet on Sundays at Harding University is not a gourmet meal by any means but it is an affordable and tasty way to treat the chef in your family on a quite Sunday after church.

The Heritage Buffet is open Sundays – year round – from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.
Seating is open and is first come first serve.
Located in the Founders Room on the second floor of Harding University’s Cafeteria.
Cost $9.50 per person – includes drink. (There is a reduced price for children.)

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