Water {Drink of the Week}

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So why is water so special that it is featured as my drink of the week?

Well, I think water is something we take for granted in this country.

We all expect that when we turn the tap we are at least getting clean water.  If you are lucky you may even live in a place where the water that comes out of the tap actually tastes good!

Water is vital to our survival.

We were lucky to get a brief “cool” spell and even a little rain here in Arkansas where we are in extreme drought conditions and temperatures at the end of June and early July soared over 100 for almost three weeks straight.  The heat has returned and rain chances are dwindling with each passing day.

Still, I have yet to define WHY water is my {Drink of the Week}.

Take a look at this photo.

Now look CLOSER!

Do you see that?  FREE WATER!  100% free, ICE COLD water! No strings attached!

This water cooler is located on S. Main Street in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  I  have no idea who put it there or who pays for it.  I just think it is tremendously cool!  We even saw a passing biker stop and pick up a fresh bottle of water.

Something so simple as water that we literally pour down the drain, repeatedly, on a daily basis.  We see nothing wrong with spending over $1 on a bottle of the stuff.  Businesses feel the need to charge $1 or EVEN MORE for simple water.  How many times have you been somewhere that water is in high demand (ball parks, theme parks, etc.) and that water is jacked up to $2 or ABOVE?

Yet here it is, free for the taking.  Someone saw a need and decided to fill it without asking someone else to pay for it.  It truly is a good deed.

So THAT is why WATER is my {Drink of the Week}!  Inspiring, don’t you think?

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