Coleman RoadTrip® X-Cursion™ Propane Grill – Adventure Gear Review

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Camp cooking is one of those necessities of camping that you either love or hate. I love it but even if you hate it,  having the necessary tools can make it a much more enjoyable experience which is why I am so excited to share about our new Coleman RoadTrip® X-Cursion™. 

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Coleman Stoves and Grills

My old Coleman stove is nearing its 25th birthday. I believe I purchased it during the summer of 1996 when I was a camp counselor in Maine. On our days off groups of us would often head to the coast to camp along the shore where we would boil fresh-off-the-boat lobsters for dinner and fry bacon for breakfast. 

Coleman Stove Propane Stove cooking bacon and potatoes camping breakfast

Once I was married the stove continued to join us on camping trips over the years, helped us through a kitchen remodel and made a few multi-day power outages a little more bearable. In fact, that ol’ Coleman stove made an appearance earlier this month when we spent a weekend camping at the lake. 

She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s been replaced. I won’t get rid of her. Her quality is unmatched and if nothing else, when my son gets older it will be fun to pass on that green beauty to him. But for now, the Coleman RoadTrip® X-Cursion™ is our new favorite piece of camping equipment. 

Propane Grill Review Coleman Roadtrip Grill

Coleman RoadTrip® X-Cursion™ Propane Grill – Adventure Gear Review

When choosing camping equipment there are four things I like to consider: durability, portability, versatility and affordability. The Coleman RoadTrip® X-Cursion™ scored well for us in each of these areas. 

Durability of the Coleman RoadTrip® X-Cursion™ 

Of the four areas we considered, the RoadTrip® scored lowest in durability. Right out of the box, within minutes of assembling the grill, I barely bumped the grill on the concrete as I was transitioning it into its collapsed position and broke the handle. While this was admittedly due to user error, it shouldn’t have been that easy to break. Coleman does have replacement parts on their website but we were unable to locate this particular part. A little duct tape fixed the problem and the rest of the grill seems sturdy and well made. Perhaps it was just one of those fluke things. 

Portability of the Coleman RoadTrip® X-Cursion™

Since we upgraded from a tent to an RV we have the luxury of a bit more space to pack things away. Still yet, we have to watch weight limits and try to avoid big bulky items. The Coleman RoadTrip® is big enough that we can cook for several people but it also folds up and can be stored in our camper’s underbelly or the bed of our F150 pickup truck. It even fits into the trunk space of our smaller Jeep Cherokee. 

Coleman RoadTrip Grill Folded

The wheels make it easy to roll the Coleman grill from one spot to another either when folded or in its open position. My short height (5’2”) paired with the weight of the unit made it a bit difficult to load into the pickup truck but my 6’1” husband had no trouble. Two people could easily get the lift necessary to load into a higher truck bed. 

Looking for a portable grill that’s a bit smaller? Try the Coleman Grill/Stove Combo or the Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill.

Versatility of the Coleman RoadTrip® X-Cursion™

The versatility of the Coleman RoadTrip® is what won this unit over for me when compared to others that were similar in price and style. The RoadTrip® X-Cursion™ along with the Coleman RoadTrip® 225Coleman RoadTrip® LX, and the Coleman RoadTrip® 285 models all use the Coleman Swaptop™ accessories. We purchased griddle accessory (link) and the stovetop burner accessory (link). They also make a full griddle attachment but we didn’t have a need for that. The unit comes with two cast iron grill tops so when paired with the griddle and the burner offer a variety of configurations. 

Coleman swaptop options

We also loved that this unit is designed to be used with the 16-ounce propane canisters but can also be safely used with a full-size propane tank. We purchased an adapter to make the hookup safe and easy to do. No more wasting money on throwaway containers but the option is there if we needed to minimize what we were carrying. 

Affordability of the Colman RoadTrip® X-Cursion™

Coleman offers several models of portable grills. We settled on the RoadTrip® X-Cursion™ primarily for the reasons listed above but the price was also a factor. I highly recommend that you do your homework because we found that the price of grills varied significantly between brands and between different sites. 

Coleman RoadTrip Grill Corn and Hot Dogs Read our Review

Overall Rating of the Coleman RoadTrip® X-Cursion™

Get the Coleman RoadTrip® X-Cursion™ and Accessories

We love our Coleman RoadTrip® and think you will love it too!


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Propane Grill Review Coleman Roadtrip Grill

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