Handmade Paper Ornaments Tutorial

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I love paper ornaments! They are beautiful, classy and a have a touch of nostalgia. Enjoy these paper ornament tutorials.

Handmade Paper Ornaments Tutorial

Paper Ornament #1

Materials Needed:
2 Pieces of 6×6 Double Sided Scrapbook Paper
String or Ornament hook

Step 1: Select two coordinating 6×6 pieces of double sided scrapbook paper. (I cut a 12×12 sheet into 4 6×6 pieces and used 2.)

paper star step 1

Step 2: Fold the paper in half to form a triangle.

paper star step 2

Step 3: Fold in half again.

paper star step 3

Step 4: Draw and cut out this curved shape from the open edge of the triangle.

paper star step 4

Paper star step 4b

Step 5: Cut 2 rounded slits on each folded edge.


Step 6: Open the paper.


Step 7: Fold the center petal in to the center and glue into place.


Step 8: Repeat with all four petals.


Step 9: Repeat steps 1-5 with the second piece of paper then place the completed piece on top of the new piece and glue in the center.

paper star step 10

Step 10: Fold the center petal to the center and glue to attach to the first piece.


Step 11: Repeat with all four petals.

Step 12: Add a sting or ornament hook and hang on the tree!



Please check out the links below for tutorials to the remaining ornaments.

Handmade Paper Ornaments Tutorial

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