Searcy Bike Trail – It’s Hot and You Need a Slushie!

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Spring came super early to Arkansas this year and it seems that summer has arrived late. We just hit our very first above 90-degree day on Monday. That’s the seventh latest in the history of that sort of record keeping!

Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Central Arkansas McDonald’s. All opinions are my own. 

McDonald's Minute Maid Slushie

We really enjoy getting out in the summer. Heat is no reason to stay locked up inside all day. 

I love the heat. I love to walk outside and feel my skin become immediately warm. 

I love always needing a pair of sunglasses on my head. 

I love the smell of sunscreen and the sparkle of the water in the pool.

I love grilling fresh veggies and eating cold ice cream.

I love to be outside. 

Not everyone is as much a fan of summer and hot weather as I am. The trick is to find something to help you cool off.

This summer we got new bikes. We have been doing lots of riding and recently decided to check out the Searcy Bike and Walking Trail. The trail itself is over 5 miles in length. The trail is not continuous but is connected via roads in several places. It is paved and nicely maintained. Having an excuse to get out and enjoy the summer is a great thing. And good for you too! But when you are done…

It’s HOT and you need a Slushie!

McDonald’s just released three delicious summer slushies at over 2000 stores across the United States. The New Minute Maid Slushies are a blend of fruit juice and ice and are available in Fruit Punch, Orangeade and Cherry Limeade flavors.  The best part – it’s only $1.49 for a medium! (Orangeade is my favorite!)

McDonald's Orangeade Slushie

Have you tried the new slushies yet? Check out my video below to see my favorite way to enjoy them and then head to McDonald’s to try one today.

For more information on the Searcy Bike Trail visit

searcy bike trail its hot and you need a slushie
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