National Popcorn Day – January 19th

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Next week, celebrate popcorn! January 19th is National Popcorn Day!

I just love popcorn. I also love that popcorn is so versatile. It can be sweet, salty or savory. You can even sprinkle popcorn on soup! Seriously! Have you ever put cheesy popcorn on tomato soup? SO GOOD!

National Popcorn Day January 19 Nine recipes

Popcorn is easy to make and it can be relatively healthy.

Grab a cooking pot and some popcorn kernels and whip up one of these delicious popcorn recipes. And if you are not into cooking your own popcorn, you can check out my recent post about the Pop Pop Shoppe in Little Rock and Texarkana, Arkansas. Let them do the popping for you.

nine recipes to help you celebrate national popcorn day

Stovetop Popcorn with Coconut Oil and Sea Salt

Stovetop popcorn with coconut oil and sea salt

Popcorn doesn’t get much easier that this Stovetop Popcorn with Coconut Oil and Sea Salt. The flavor is rich and delicious and you won’t even miss the butter. 

Striped Chocolate Popcorn

Striped Chocolate Popcorn National popcorn day

Striped Chocolate Popcorn is a buttery, salty, sweet, chocolate, white chocolate candy coated pretzel and pecan-loaded popcorn treat! Well that was a mouth full; and so is this popcorn! 

Less Sugar Kettle Corn

Less Sugar Kettle Corn National Popcorn Day

I love the crunchy, sweet taste of kettle corn. I love that this recipe uses Splenda so you get that sweet flavor with less sugar! Thanks, Christie, for this Less Sugar Kettle Corn! {Christie was sponsored by Splenda for this post.} 

Gingerbread Popcorn

ginger bread popcorn national popcorn day

The holidays may be over but you can still enjoy the flavors of Christmas. This Gingerbread Popcorn is whimsical and fun and will surely bring out the kid in you. 

S’mores Drizzle Popcorn

S'mores Popcorn National Popcorn Day

They call them S’mores because you always want some more. The same is true for this popcorn. Y’all it has bits of graham crackers and mini marshmallows in it! Go check out this S’mores Drizzle Popcorn! {Kendall was sponsored by PopSecret for this recipe.}

Oreo Popcorn

Oreo Popcorn National Popcorn Day

Popcorn and cookies? Yes. Popcorn and OREO cookies? Yes, please! This Oreo Popcorn looks amazing and will cure your sweet tooth for sure! 

Buffalo “Popcorn”

Buffalo Cauliflower Popcorn National Popcorn Day

This low carb Buffalo “Popcorn” is made from cauliflower! Cutting small pieces will help them roast faster and look more like real popcorn. Enjoy a delicious snack without the guilt! 

White Chocolate Popcorn

White Chocolate Popcorn National Popcorn Day

Almost as classic as caramel corn, this White Chocolate Popcorn is sweet and scrumptious. Add some colored sprinkles to dress it up for a holiday treat. 

Amish Caramel Corn

amish caramel popcorn with dry roasted peanuts national popcorn day

It would be a great disservice to popcorn to not include a recipe for caramel corn. This Amish Carmel Corn takes a bit of time but isn’t hard to make. The addition of the dry roasted peanuts gives an added crunch and brings back memories of childhood. 

What kind of popcorn will you be eating on National Popcorn Day?

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