On the steps with my Sis

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Christmas has always been a really special time in my family.  I thought that I would share some of my favorite and most special decorations for the holiday.

One of my most favorite Christmas decorations is the one given to me and made by my sister Amanda.

In 2004, my sister cross-stitched a poem she had written about our childhood Christmases.  This is so special and was such a thoughtful gift. I look forward to hanging it up every Christmas.

Here is a detail photo:

Here is the poem in full:

On the Steps with my Sis

A restless night behind us
it’s finally here
the one day we’ve waited for
the whole entire year

In our separate rooms
we crawl out of bed
and meet in the hallway
to wake mom and dad

excitement in our eyes
our step an extra bounce
we creep through the door
to their be we pounce

they wake with a groan
it’s barely even dawn
even brandy [our dog] tilts her head
to see what’s going on

as they get up
we take our place on the stair
where we wait Christmas morn
every single year

mom dad and brandy
get to go down
but not on our lips
will you find a frown

for the top of the stairs
is the best place to be
waiting in anticipation
for what were about to see

we can hear the crackle
of the warm inviting fire
and we picture the flames
getting brighter and higher

we smell the pine
from needles on the tree
holding all the ornaments
we made since age 3

we see the reflection
of lights twinkling bright
and picture the presents
we dreamt of all night

then it finally comes
what we’ve waited to hear
“ok girls” dad shouts
and we jump up with cheer

we race down the stairs
it’s all there to see
the fire, the lights
presents under the tree

we say merry Christmas
and sit on the floor
and wait in excitement
for all that’s in store

the flakes start to fall
Christmas is underway
and we all have fun
the rest of the day

we play with our gifts
and mom cooks the meal
everything’s so good
it doesn’t seem real

the day comes to an end
another great Christmas
until next year,
on the steps with my sis.

Written by Amanda E.

This year Amanda and her husband will celebrate their first Christmas with their new baby boy! I know they look forward to creating special memories like this for their children too!

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