HGTV Apperance Update

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Everyone has been asking me lately what’s going on with the HGTV episode of “That’s Clever!” that I filmed back in July so here is the most recent information I have.

December 13,  2007

Hi Julie,

I do not yet have an air date for you.  The Network has not given us any sort of schedule relating to the 500 series of That’s Clever, as we are still in the process of editing and delivering those shows.

I do have your show number, as your segments have been completed and approved by the Network.  Your segments will appear in episode HCLVR-561.

Once I receive notice from HGTV, I will be e-mailing all of our guests and providing those air dates.  I usually receive the air grids from the Network about one to two months prior to air.
You can also check the link below for show info and air dates.  Air date information is usually posted a month or so prior to air, and specific artist information usually appears a couple of weeks prior to air.,1783,HGTV_23557_540,00.html

I know that their “season” runs throughout the spring and summer and into the early fall.  So it could be ANY TIME in 2008!  Don’t worry though because I will be sure to let EVERYONE know when it will air!



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