Silver and Pearls

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Richie has never been known to buy me extravagant gifts.  Whether Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s or Anniversary most holidays are celebrated with a quick “Happy (Insert Holiday Here)” and possibly a nice dinner out.  When you have been married for almost 12 years and you buy what you need, when you need it there isn’t much room for surprises and mystery.  Truthfully, this goes both ways.  Is Richie really surprised by the 12 bars of Burt’s Bees specialty soap that I order him every year at Christmas?  I doubt it.

I got a necklace for Christmas.  But I picked it out, I was there when Richie bought it, I was the one who wrapped it and placed it under the tree.

This year when Valentine’s Day came around we both forgot about it.  I texted him mid-morning when I remembered and received a return text that said “Today’s Valentine’s Day?”  That night we made breakfast for dinner and fell asleep watching TV.  I on the couch.  Richie on the recliner.  Romantic huh?

Some people may read this and think that I married a real jerk.  But the truth is that Richie really is romantic.  Just not in the flowers, candy and jewelry kind of way.  But then again, maybe he is.

Here is a picture of Richie a few weeks ago. 

The fact that there are no other men in this picture is not a mistake nor a conscious effort.  The truth is Richie was the only guy here.  We are at the Jacksonport State Park in Newport, Arkansas where we are taking a pearl stringing workshop.  Yup, Richie went with me!

Yup, Richie strung his own string of pearls.

My man does not buy me silver and pearls.  He strings them himself!  Could I really want for anything more?


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  1. The
    time that they spend with us is romantic. BTW Randy wants me to teach him to knit. I don’t think I’m going to be able to help him, he should have come to the class with me. Ha!

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