8 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

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I watch the Super Bowl every year no matter who is playing, in part because I love Super Bowl Snacks. When the Patriots are playing, it’s even better!

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Even if you aren’t into sports, the Super Bowl is a fun excuse for a party. A crowd of people gathered around the TV. Yelling and cheering and maybe even some friendly rivalries. 

In the end, no Super Bowl party is complete without some really great snacks. 

There is just something about sports that makes cold beer and a spread of salty, sweet, cheesy or meaty snacks so good. 

I’m not planning to skimp on the snacks but I am really trying hard to get healthy this year. So here are ten healthier choices for your Super Bowl spread. 

healthy super bowl snacks

8 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Protein Balls


These Protein Balls are really just a delicious no-bake cookie that you can add to your spread of Super Bowl Snacks. They are high in protein though so you’re getting some goodness with all of that yummy flavor. No sugar, no dairy, no eggs. You can even customize this recipe by adding nuts or dried fruit to the mix. 

Grilled Dates Wrapped in Turkey Pastrami

Grilled date appetizer (c)nwafoodie

I fell in love with Bacon Wrapped Dates when my husband took me to The Pantry for my birthday several years ago.  My friend, Lyndi has this healthier version make with turkey pastrami instead of bacon. If you aren’t sure if you like dates, I HIGHLY suggest you give them a try. These Grilled Dates Wrapped in Turkey Pastrami are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Note: I am not a huge fan of Gorgonzola cheese so I will use goat cheese instead.  

Chicken and Beef Teriyaki Sushi Rolls

beef and chicken teriyaki sushi rolls

Richie and I took a sushi-making class a few months ago. Neither of us had had sushi before so we were really branching out. I LOVED the crab and cucumber rolls that we made. Richie ate them and liked the idea and while he has warmed up to seafood over the years, he is still a beef and chicken kind of guy.  Why has no one put beef and chicken into a California roll before? Well, Lyndi has done it again and her Chicken and Beef Teriyaki Sushi Rolls look amazing!

Crispy Asian Roasted Chickpeas


Chickpeas are supposed to be one of the hot foods of 2017 and roasted chickpeas are surprisingly good. They are super crunchy and flavorful. These Crispy Asian Roasted Chickpeas achieve that traditional Asian flavor through the use of soy sauce and ginger. I’ll bet a sprinkling of wasabi powder would add a wonderful spicy kick to these as well!

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Bites


It’s hard to imagine any party without chicken wings. I LOVE chicken wings. Sadly, even when baked, the skin on chicken wings puts them in the “not healthy” category. These Healthy Buffalo Chicken Bites have all the flavor of Buffalo Wings but on bits of grilled chicken breast instead of fat-laden wings. Just don’t forget to go easy on the blue cheese dressing!

Ranch Oyster Crackers


We typically enjoy most of our Super Bowl snacks during half-time. Everyone needs a break from the cheering and we’ve all worked up an appetite. These Ranch Oyster Crackers are perfect for snacking on during the first half of the game. Cook up a batch a day or two in advance and place them in small bowls around your living room. They are salty and flavorful and will keep you sated until the rest of the snacks are ready. 

Cheesy Kale and Artichoke Dip


Although the healthy factor of this dip may be questionable, you can’t have a Super Bowl party without a cheesy dip. Kale is a superfood packed with powerful nutrients. You could even lighten this Cheesy Kale and Artichoke Dip by using a low-fat cream cheese and dipping veggie sticks instead of chips. 

Guacamole Hummus


Last year, I developed this Guacamole Hummus recipe for a project I was working on in conjunction with #SoapBoxInfluence and Bush Brothers. Thc combination of the avocado with the chickpeas is delightful. Bush’s Easy Made Hummus packages (which can be found at Walmart) make this dip a breeze to make. Although this dip does contain a lot of fat, both avocados and chickpeas are considered superfoods meaning that you get a ton of goodness packed into a small bite! Choose fresh veggies as your dip carrier instead of chips and you’ll be fine if you munch in moderations!

What are you serving at your Super Bowl party this year?

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2 thoughts on “8 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

  1. Looking good! My son-in-law and grandson will actually be heading to the Super Bowl this week. Perfect Boy is just disappointed his favored Cowboys won’t be there. He’s undecided who he will be rooting for, but I’m sure he’ll be selecting a jersey to pack before he flies out this week. Love your ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

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