Bullet Journaling – January and February Layout Walk-Through

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I am just about to wrap up my very first month of bullet journaling and I love it. 

Not familiar with bullet journaling? In a nutshell, it is a streamlined and highly customizable way of planning. It is a system of rapid logging that makes use of bulleted lists, thus the name. 

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The whole concept was invented by a digital product designer in New York name Ryder Carrol. If you are just getting started, Ryder’s website is a great place to being. 

Of course, we humans like to complicate everything – even things that were designed for their simplicity. Therefore, many of us couldn’t handle the simplicity of pages with just bullets and had to start adding pretty layouts and color and doodles and all kinds of things to our bullet journals. 

This post contains a video walkthrough and photos of my January and February Bullet Journal layouts. Read for a free printable template of the February layout.

I love how planning simplifies (or at the very least slightly organizes) my life but I am also a sucker for good design and beautiful layouts. For years, I have spent the months leading up to January searching the web for the perfect daily planner. There are some great ones out there but none really fit my needs and when I discovered bullet journaling I realized I had finally found the answer to all my planning needs. 

So for those of you who are new to bullet journaling, those who are bullet journal junkies and those of you who are just looking for some more BuJo inspiration I have prepared a video that will give you a walk through of my January layout and show you what I have planned for February. 

January and February Bullet Journal Walk-through

January Bullet Journal Layout

This January Bullet Journal weekly layout contains daily boxed, a meal tracker, a personal habits tracker, an inspire box for a favorite quote, water intake tracker and a spot for notes.

Bullet Journal Favorite Dinner and Meal Tracker

This bullet journal favorite meals collection tracker helps you keep up with what your family loves to eat for dinner. Make meal planning easier with your bujo.

This bullet journal favorite meals collection tracker helps you keep up with what your family loves to eat for dinner. Make meal planning easier with your bujo.

Bullet Journal Monthly Calendar – February

This monthly calendar layout for my bullet journal celebrates the month of February. Bujo

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout February

This weekly bullet journal layout for the month of February includes daily boxes with weather and water trackers, a weekly meal tracker, personal habits tracker, an inspire box for quotes, a box for making art or drawing illustrations. BuJo.

Bullet Journal Sermon Notes and Daily Thoughts Journal Tracker Collections

These Bullet Journal collections allow me to keep weekly sermon notes and track daily thoughts like a journal. Bujo

I hope you enjoyed the video. As promised I have a printable template of my February layout for you. Click the picture below to download and print the template. My template is for personal use only. Please feel free to pin this page or share the link with your friends. 

bullet journal weekly layout printable template


This template can be used in two ways. Print onto card stock and carefully cut out the boxes with a craft knife and use as a stencil. You can also print the template and lay underneath your pages and use it as a tracer.

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7 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling – January and February Layout Walk-Through

  1. This looks so organized and efficient, Julie. I recently did a post about the hype around bullet journals and how I thought it was just another name for planner. You have made your bullet journal a super planner!

  2. I love everything about this! I am using my Happy Planner and love it but next year I may have to switch to full bullet journal. But for now I have bullet paper that I add into each month to help track certain things.
    I love the meals you love section, genius!

  3. Thank you for the template. I am not quite ready for fussing with my meager attempt at bullet journaling. Jennifer McCool introduced me to it and even gifted me a great book, I’m afraid to ruin it… which is silly…but alas, sometimes I’m silly. Thanks to your photos and creativity, I do feel inspired to add boxes my pages instead of on long left-justified list with squiggles all over the place. – Sarah

    1. You are welcome. I have some mistakes in some of mine but I am only setting up one month at a time. I’m learning as I go! The nice thing is that it is so flexible.

  4. I’ve been avoiding them tempting discussion of bullet journaling. It looks like so much fun, but do I really need another rabbit hole. I think I do need another rabbit hole, just as soon as I finish up with this bible journaling obsession. Your video was super helpful. I may have questions when I get started.

    1. Shea, I do Bible Journaling too! There is room for both. I will say that I am a lot more minimalist than some bullet journalers. I can’t handle all the washi tape and stickers and stuff. The only supplies I have are what you saw in my video. I like it pretty but simple pretty! Let me know when you’ve got questions and I’ll do my best to answer!

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