Arkansas Jelly Pie – Arkansas’s Favorite Pie

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Is Jelly Pie your favorite pie?

I recently came across a website that stated:

“Another food that is widely popular in Arkansas, is a delicious dessert called Jelly Pie.  Everyone knows what jelly pie is in Arkansas, and every baker knows how to make it.  It is one of the most common desserts in the whole state, and almost everyone loves it.”

Arkansas jelly pie

I didn’t grow up in Arkansas but I have lived here nearly 20 years and had NEVER heard of Jelly Pie prior to seeing the website above. I’m certain that if Jelly Pie was as popular as this site was claiming that I would have at least heard of it. So why hadn’t I?

I asked around and it turns out hardly anyone else I know had heard of this pie either. I wanted to investigate this story further so invited me to research this pie and write about it. It was so interesting to look through Arkansas’s history to find out if Jelly Pie really is a “thing”.

Interested in hearing about what I discovered? Head over to OnlyInArk and read more about this interesting bit of Arkansas history. You can also find the complete recipe that I used to make this Jelly Pie!


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