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As I mentioned in my lantern Christmas ornament post I have been smitten with all of the hiking and camping themed Christmas ornaments on Ashley Hacksaw (Lil Blue Boo). Today we’re whipping up our version of the compass Christmas ornament complete with a free printable. 

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Being able to use a compass is a skill that every outdoor lover needs! Being lost is no fun and a compass can help you find your way home. This compass Christmas ornament isn’t functional, but it is SUPER cute and would be a great addition to any outdoor lover’s Christmas tree.

I used Snapple lids to create these compasses. If you drink Snapple or a drink with a similar lid, you can save up your own. I ended up buying a bulk package of them on EBay for about $6.00. I’ve also seen them listed on Etsy. 

The other supplies you need are fairly easy to find at any craft supply store. 

Supplies for the Compass Ornament

How to Make a Compass Christmas Ornament

  1. Spray paint all of the lids gold. I painted both the inside and the outside of the lids.Painting snapple lids for compass ornament
  2. When the lids have dried use an awl to punch two holes into each lid where you will connect them together.
  3. One lid on each set will need a third hole which will be used to create a “clasp” for the compass and will be where we hang the ornament from the tree.
    punching holes in snapple lid for compass ornament
  4. Connect the two lids together using the gold jump rings.
  5. Cut out a compass face from the FREE Compass Printable.
  6. Glue the compass face into the bottom of the compass.
  7. Open the brad and paint the end of one of the prongs red. When it dries, glue it into the center of the compass face.
  8. Use craft wire to create a clasp in the extra hole on the top of the compass.
  9. Add a string or ornament hook and hang the compass ornament from your tree.
    Compass ornament in progress

Click to Download the Free Compass Face Printable

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This compass Christmas ornament isn't functional, but it is SUPER cute and would be a great addition to any outdoor lover's Christmas tree.


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